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Robert Deyber

Robert Donald Deyber, Jr.   (August 13, 1955 - September 20, 2021)


Robert Donald “Bob” Deyber, Jr., 66, led a storied life from the moment he was born on August 13, 1955 in Greenwich, CT until the day he died on September 20, 2021 in Roxbury, CT.

A visual raconteur, Bob was a storyteller with a paintbrush, his mind’s eye planted deep within his subconscious, best known for his unique, visual interpretations of English sayings, idioms, euphemisms, cliches and Figures of Speech. It is the undecided tone between sincerity and irony that makes his visual vocabulary distinctly A Language All His Own, from literal translations of fanciful sayings to kitschy depictions of everyday terminology, showing off both his cultured brilliance and wicked sense of humor.

Bob’s talents and recognition as an internationally-collected, contemporary painter solidified quickly before moving to Litchfield County, CT. For the past fifteen years, his work has been, and still is, represented worldwide and published by Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts and Martin Lawrence Galleries.

“The Robert Deyber Foundation, Inc.” was established to support multiple charities that embody the causes that Bob was passionate about, including Veterans, Animal Welfare and the Visual Arts. 

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